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The toys being produced by Grovely Wood were first produced back in 1999 for the founder’s two daughters Hannah and Emily. Both girls had a passion for anything involving horses and farms.  Having found it difficult at the time to find any robust and lasting accessories for their toy horses and farm animals, their father, a keen carpenter, set about producing their first toy stable, complete with an array of fences and gates.  Subsequent birthdays and Christmases saw the girl’s range of toys expanding with the addition of horse carts and horse boxes.  Their selection of toys were duly carted to and from their friends and relatives houses, sat upon, used as storage for their amassed assortment of pony/farm related toys and generally put through their paces for many of their younger years.


As the girls grew older the toys found themselves relegated to the back of a cupboard until late 2013 when they were retrieved and dusted down.  Although the toys had been in constant use and subjected to hard play in their former years, they still appeared as good as new.


During the ensuing months’s the family’s discussions kept returning to the toys.  Eventually a plan evolved to try and turn the toys into a family business venture.


Our aim has been to produce a range of unique toys, all custom build and finished to a high standard, all fixtures and fitting are of solid brass.  Our toys aim to be as hard wearing and as serviceable as any good piece of furniture added to your home. Each toy is finished in a natural protective coating of beeswax and oil which not only allows the wood to breath and retain its natural grain and beauty, but also provides a water repellant surface to stave off any accidental spillages!


Each one of our Stables carry the distinct Grovely Wood trade mark.  The ‘Acorn-bell’ was designed jointly by the girls and was inspired by the families frequent woodland walks in Grovely Wood near Wilton in Wiltshire.  The woods are famous locally for its abundant display of bluebells, which, during spring can be found blanketing it’s ancient oak woodlands.  The ‘Acorn-bell’ conjures up a playful mix of both the bluebells and acorns found within this picturesque woodland.

All our toys are for a recommended age +3

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  • "My family and I first came across Grovely Wood and met Tricia and Emily at Blenheim’s Country File Live 2016. Our daughters were immediately transfixed by all the beautiful things on offer at the stall, and, having recently become godparents, we chose a Cow Barn and personalised pony (to match her mother's childhood pony) for our goddaughter's Christening present. We have been adding to her GW collection ever since, and each time the gifts are exquisitely made, beautifully packed and totally adored by their recipient (including a 4x4 Grover, horse trailer and another personalised pony). Emily was so helpful and quick to respond, and our order arrived very promptly and safely. They are always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our demands! It's our daughters' turn next for some GW treats. Thank you Emily!
    Sarah and Max Purchased a Cow Barn, 2x personalised pony, Land Grover and Horse trailer
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